Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mowing Down Abortion Clinic Protesters

Today I read a tweet by a young women who struggled with her urge to "RAM HER CAR INTO PPL WHO PROTEST OUTSIDE OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD".   In the world of social media and rampant mental instability such comments only add to the danger those few people who may someday go to pray outside an abortion mill.  I've prayed outside a local abortion facility during a 40 Days For Life campaign.  I had no idea what to expect and I don't know if I will ever do it again.

I brought my then 12 yr old daughter with me, she didn't want to go.  What she didn't know is that I did not want to go without her - I did not want to go alone.  She went once before with my wife during the day but we were going at night.  Our city has only 1 abortion clinic located on a busy central roadway.  The neighborhood is poor and full of minorities and college aged people.  We had to park 2 blocks away due to the lack of parking on the side streets.

On the main road there is nothing to distinguish the small commercial building as an abortion mill.  I only knew it was because I had the address - which I'm sure is how those seeking an abortion find it.  The entrance was in the back which is also where the parking lot was.  Out front there was nothing but a camera, a small patch of parkway grass, and the busy street.  We stood in the alleyway that ran between the neighboring building.

In the dark I prayed the Rosary with my daughter, a man with 3 of his young children, and young women who appeared to be in her early 20's.  We prayed for 1 hour and during that time probably 10 people walked by on the sidewalk - all minding their own business as were we.  We had prayed the Holy Rosary in the first 15 minutes aloud, but now we were all praying silently, hoping that no violence would occur inside OR out.

Halfway through our time someone drove by with a window down shouting, "Why do you have to be so racist!!??"  It was a younger white women who drove by a second time to shout some other vulgar and disgraceful obscenities in front of young children.  Apparently this person believed that only persons of color utilized this facility.  Obviously she knew what the building was for despite it's unremarkable appearance. 

When our hour was over we escorted the girl in her early 20's back to her car since it was on our way.  She was visibly nervous and so were we, since we did not know if anyone was waiting for us on our 2-block walk back our car.  Thankfully the night ended without any further incident.  I'm not even sure if the abortion facility was open, there was no way to see inside nor was there any view of the parking lot entrance.  Anyone seeking an abortion here has no contact with those praying out front at the busy street.

I am someone who wants to experience things firsthand so I know what all the controversy is about.  Protesting out front of the local abortion mill was not on my bucket list.  I did it because someone very close to me has had an abortion at this very facility.  I know intimate details about what takes place on the other side of the mirrored glass windows.  I know what this person was thinking when they made the appointment.  I know what they thought when they approached the doors.  I know that people where there praying then and she knew it.  I know that she did not want to have the abortion - that she felt she had no choice.

To know what I know.  To know what takes place both inside and outside.  To know how horrible the circumstances are for those who find themselves entering the back parking lot entrance to this destination for those who are provided no choice in their worlds!  No choice.  No choice?  So much for a women's right to choose!  I feared for the women who entered this facility and their unborn children - but I feared just as much for the people praying outside.  Never did I feel so close to the devil's domain.  I have been to some evil places but here outside the abortion mill, I feared not the people inside, but those who might desire to commit great bodily harm to those praying outside.

Be careful before you judge.  The people outside abortion clinics are most likely not racists, or some heartless protester.  Most likely they are people who know abortion firsthand and all the ramifications that come from it.  Most likely they are praying for the mother who finds herself at the doors of these facilities whatever their situation.  Let them pray in silence.  Do not fan the flames of hatred and evil by tweeting about running them over with your car!  You will end up in jail for murder! Now isn't that ironic? 

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