Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Novus Ordo Enriching The Traditional Latin Mass - I don't Think So.

Let me tell you a story about something that might have happened.  A certain "ultra-conservative" yet Novus Ordo thru-n-thru parish had a priest who preferred following the rubrics.  Perhaps the Traditional Latin Mass was celebrated during the week now and then.  Maybe the pastor decided to do away with Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion?

Now imagine this priest retired and was replaced by a priest who was thought to have a similar interests.  But said priest no longer feels the same way he did maybe 10 years ago?  Maybe he has been transferred one too many times or maybe he is just gotten too old to rebel against the status quo?  Yet he still retains a blunt and rigid personality... what could go wrong?

Surely something as inconsequential as "enriching" the Novus Ordo with the idea that consecrated hands provide the Holy Eucharist as normative would not be rebuked by a priest who used to be pastor of an indult parish would it?  Surely it could - causing tumult among the most devout members of the "New Evangelization" movement.

My friends, do not take comfort in a Novus Ordo Mass celebrated by a priest who obeys the rubrics - his personality is why you have what you have.  When he is gone - which will be so much sooner than you think, what once was "enriching" will become "worse than the first."

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