Monday, July 3, 2017

The Traditional Latin Mass Is Not For Me

Empty churches and closing schools are the norm for the Catholic Church these days.  Gimmicks like Vacation Bible School (VBS) or protestant evangelization programs (ALPHA) do nothing to prevent most Catholic children from turning into apostates as adults.

Recently a woman told me she and her husband attended mass regularly, paid for 12 years of Catholic education for her two children, and one was even active in the parish youth group growing up. She lamented how both are apostates now but she isn't sure what else could have been done? 

My suggestion that returning to traditional practices including the Traditional Latin Mass branded me a "Pharisee".  But why?  I spent more than 20 years in the Vatican II Novus Ordo world and I lamented over the loss of faith among my friends and family!  So when I finally had enough God answered my prayers and I discovered all that existed before Vatican II.

After more than 10 years of praying the Traditional Latin Mass  I can truly say that my life has been transformed in a way that it otherwise never would have.  I have 6 children now and it's because of.. dare I say.. my traditional Catholic faith.  Central to this faith is being pro-life and upholding Catholic teaching on sex and marriage.  Anyone who upholds these hard teachings understands what I am saying, the rest honestly cannot relate.

The consequences of rejecting Church teaching (Christ's teachings) are legion.  Who knows if this women suffered from infertility or if modernist ideas malformed her Catholic faith?  Yet she soundly rejected all things prior to Vatican II for herself and expressed no recognition that any of the nonsense from the last 50+ years was to blame - despite her children's loss of faith.  

When I was younger I never would have said the Novus Ordo was not for me.  It was all that I knew and I was thoroughly propagandized against pre-Vatican II beliefs.  But I spent decades in the Vatican II Novus Ordo church, and I have seen the bad fruits - the loss of faith among my friends and family.  I asked God what else could be done?  His answer was the Traditional Latin Mass.

After 10+ years of TLM worship I still thank God almighty for opening my eyes and allowing me to recognize Catholicism in the TLM like it cannot be found elsewhere.  I had no choice for more than 20 years and I endured the Novus Ordo at times with much doubt.  So before you tell me the Traditional Latin Mass is not for you, realize that decades of comparison carry far more weight. 

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