Saturday, February 4, 2017

Psuedo Disciples of Vatican 2

Turn on your local televised Sunday Mass if you are looking for the fulfillment of all that Vatican 2 set out to achieve, the desolation of ecumenism.  Substituting glory due to God with the glorification of community, disciples of Vatican 2 practice their craft under the guise of "active participation".

Cameras pan over pews populated mostly by elderly women and mothers all apparently suffering from infertility.  Vein attempts are made to bring the few children present to a special "Children's Liturgy".  Singing takes center stage - literally.  No tabernacle but a legion of "Eucharistic Ministers".  Communion in the hand, where bowing to the back of the next person in line is standard.

The diabolical disorientation of Versus Populum worship is a hallmark belief by the disciples of Vatican 2 and one of it's more divisive aspects.  But like all the hard won protestant reforms implemented after the council, there will be no "turning back the clock".  The Vatican 2 euthanasia program is here to stay, and the practitioners will not be denied their subjective preference.